eBay NZ: Looking for eBay New Zealand?

Have you been looking for eBay NZ / eBay New Zealand? So was I, I wanted to know if eBay was setup in NZ.

But it turns out there is no eBay in NZ!

ebay.co.nz just redirects to ebay.com.

However, they can detect that you are visiting from New Zealand so you’ll see “NZ” or “New Zealand” in a few internal promotion advertisements to make you feel at home.

eBay detects that you are from New Zealand

eBay detects that you are from New Zealand

It also provides the currency whenever a price is stated, so look for “NZD” to know that you are looking at the price in New Zealand dollars.

ebay detects you are from NZ and displays New Zealand pricing

ebay detects you are from NZ and displays New Zealand pricing

Q: “Does ebay NZ show items from New Zealand?”

ebay NZ will show you items mostly in the USA, you’ll have to look carefully for items that are physically in New Zealand.

In search results you’ll see the items location so look for “From New Zealand”.

ebay NZ indicates that some items are from New Zealand

ebay NZ indicates that some items are from New Zealand

Or, if you are looking at the product detail, you’ll have to check the “Shipping” field to see where it is (most probably USA).

ebay NZ indicates that some items are from New Zealand

ebay NZ indicates that some items are from New Zealand

Q: “So, why doesn’t ebay have a strong NZ presence?”

Because when the founders of TradeMe saw the rising popularity of ebay in the USA they started their own version in NZ (and called it TradeMe). By the time ebay got around to setting up in NZ, it was too late, TradeMe had dominated and ebay couldn’t make people switch.

Any other questions about ebay New Zealand?

Write them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

What Is A Reverse Auction?

A reverse auction is when an item first appears at full price but when the auction starts, the price decreases steadily.

The dream scenario is that you are the only one watching the auction so you can wait until the item gets to $0.01 before you press the Buy Now button.


But most likely there are hundreds of other people watching too.


They are all trying to guess how long they can wait before someone else will click the Buy Now button before them.

For example, if a pair of sunglasses starts at $100, you’ll watch the price start to drop.

$99. $90. $80. $60. $40!

You are might have the target price of $20 in your head, but someone else was going to buy those glasses tomorrow so they think 60% off is a great deal, so they click the Buy Now price before you do.

Or maybe it’s $100 Subway credit and you go there all the time. You are happy to get 20% off and so you’re the first to click the Buy Now button when the price gets to $80.

This is distinct from “Penny Auctions” or “Bidding Fee Auctions” which I think are pure evil.


Why Penny Auctions Are Pure Evil

In a “Penny Auction” or “Bidding Fee Auction” you pay for each bid you make and your bid extends the date of the auction by a few seconds.

If no-one else makes a bid in those final seconds, you win the auction.

But the catch is that you might spend $100 bidding for a $1000 TV and not win it!

Can you imagine 2 or 3 people sitting in dark rooms in the middle of the night who have sunk $100 each into a $200 item. All 3 of them are fiercely determined to win and walk away with the item.

I see Penny Auctions as pure gambling and I urge you to stay away from them.

For this reason, you wont see them on NZAuctionSites.co.nz.

How to Turn Your Junk To Gold – 7 Simple Tips for Selling on TradeMe

Ahh TradeMe, we all love it 🙂

Don’t you think it’s amazing how much gold people will pay for your junk?

Do you want to squeeze every last dollar out of each TradeMe sale?

You are about to find out how.

Think of the process of selling on TradeMe as a funnel

Above the funnel is the entire TradeMe audience. Your task is to push a volume of prospective buyers down your funnel.

You have 4 Goals:

  1. Get as many page views as you can
  2. Get as many people on the watchlist as you can
  3. Get as many bidders as you can
  4. Get a bidding frenzy going in the closing minutes

How do you achieve these goals?

Here are 7 simple but cunning tips about how to turn your junk to gold using TradeMe.

1. Research how your other sellers are selling the item

Spend 10 – 60 mins checking out the competition before you list your item.

What headline are they using? How can you improve on it? What extra keywords are they missing?

What photos have they taken? How can you improve the angles and detail?

What questions have bidders asked?  Avoid annoying your bidders by answering these questions ahead of time in your description.

What do they say in their description? What extra details are they missing? Can you tell a story (about the reasons your selling) or write an interesting story about the item?

You task is to learn from their mistakes.

2. Set the auction close to 9pm Sunday night

What you want is a bidding frenzy in the closing minutes of your auction.

To get this, an auction close at Sunday night will mean all your auction watchers will get an email that morning reminding them to come back that night for the closing minutes.

If your auction ends on a weekday, or too early in the morning, or too late at night, you will miss out on that bidding frenzy.

3. Run your auction for 10 days

Did you know it costs only 25c to run your auction for an extra 3 days? You’ll make that money back many times over.

All you have to do is start your auction after 9pm on Thursday night (or first thing on Friday morning).

(Don’t forget to set the end date manually to 9pm the following Sunday as per the tip above).

4. Be ridiculously honest in the description

I mean over-the-top honest.

When you describe the defects and imperfections in detail, buyers get giddy with trust and bid more and more.

Your natural tendency is to not mention these defects. You think it will scare some people off.  Sure, some people will be scared off. Let them go.  Lot’s more people will be attracted like seagulls to fish n chips. So fight your instinct to hide the defects. This tip will make you money.

It works because on TradeMe we are all strangers. We are strangers buying from each other for the first (and last) time, so we are looking for reasons to trust each other.

We trust shop keepers that we can look in the eye. We trust online ecommerce sites that look professional and legitimate. But it’s hard to trust a stranger.

Do I trust you will pay? Do you trust me that the goods will turn up in the condition you expect?

Revealing defects and imperfections generates trust.

Trust is highly valuable.

People pay more when they trust you.

5. Always sell at $1 No Reserve

What is the number one reason people flock to TradeMe in their millions every day?

To find a bargain.

And nothing screams “BARGAIN!!” more than “$1 No Reserve”.

Put “**$1 NO RES**” at the end of your title and at the top of your description.

This works because it gets bids very early – within minutes or a few hours of listing you should have a few.

And most important of all, each person who places a bid is automatically adding your auction to their watchlist, so they will get emailed next week to say your auction is about to close. That gives them another chance to make another bid, and that’s when you get a last minute bidding frenzy.

I know, I know, it’s a little bit scary selling at $1 No Reserve.  But trust me, this works. (TradeMe will charge you a $3 withdrawal fee if you get scared and cancel the auction).

I do $1 No Reserve on everything I sell on TradeMe.

My biggest success was when I did $1 NO Reserve for my car. (My wife and my dad were freaking out and thought I was crazy).

I’d been offered $2000 cash from Turners Auctions but got $4500 in my TradeMe auction. Probably $1000 above what I thought it was worth.

This works. Do $1 No Reserve.

Let the market decide what your item is worth. It might be worth more than you think (especially when that buying frenzy kicks in).

Another bonus is that your item will sell. You don’t have to muck around re-listing your items and waiting even longer to convert your junk to gold and get that gold in your pocket where it belongs.

6. Pay for extra photos

Yes, yes, it is a bit cheeky that TradeMe charges you an extra 10c for photos these days, but its worth it.

Upload about 5 photos of your item from a variety of angles. Include a few photos of all the items laid out nicely on a table, photos of the packing/box, and most importantly: close-ups of any defects or damage.

This is less about being honest and fair and doing the right thing (although that’s important), and more about boosting your credibility so the bidders trust you more and bid more.

7. Pay the extra $3.95 for Feature Combo

This adds a photo beside your listing, TradeMe says its “twice as likely to sell” (and I believe this claim), the title is bold, and it features your auction first in the categories.

This is a classic Return on Investment decision: ask yourself the question “will I get more than $4.00 extra for my auction with this extra exposure?”

The answer is Yes, yes you will.

What’s Next?

Try these tips for yourself. Come back and write your success story below.