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Hi, I’m Sheldon Nesdale and I love buying (and selling) online.

It’s the convenience of being able to purchase from anywhere at anytime.

It’s the ability to compare prices to ensure I get the best deal.

It’s the “yay!” moment when I find what I need with free shipping 🙂

I love selling online too. I can’t imagine how big my garage would have to be if I hadn’t been able to sell all my excess stuff over the years. I turned those items I no longer wanted into cash!

I’ve been on TradeMe for almost 10 years, but one day I thought to myself “I wonder how many other auction websites there are in NZ?”

I was surprised to find quite a few. Several were empty disasters. Several focused on a particular type of item and were doing very well. Some had innovative ideas that were improving the experience for us users.

I wrote a simple list of all the auction websites in New Zealand and I was pleasantly surprised how popular that list became.

NZAuctionSites.co.nz is where you can discover new and different auction websites for turning items you no longer need into cash, or for purchasing items you want with the convenience of buying online.


Sheldon Nesdale
Email: sheldon@nzauctionsites.co.nz
Phone: (07) 575 8799
Mobile: 021 128 5046

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