Where is ebay NZ?

If you’re looking for ebay New Zealand, I’ve got some bad news.

There isn’t one!

ebay.co.nz just redirects to ebay.com.

However, they can detect that you are visiting from New Zealand so you’ll see “NZ” or “New Zealand” in a few internal promotion advertisements to make you feel at home.

It also provides the currency whenever a price is stated, so look for “NZD” to know that you are looking at the price in New Zealand dollars.

Q: “Does ebay NZ show items from New Zealand?”

ebay NZ will show you items mostly in the USA, you’ll have to look carefully for items that are physically in New Zealand.

In search results you’ll see the items location so look for “From New Zealand”.

Or, if you are looking at the product detail, you’ll have to check the “Shipping” field to see where it is (most probably USA).

Q: “So, why doesn’t ebay have a strong NZ presence?”

Because when the founders of TradeMe saw the rising popularity of ebay in the USA they started their own version in NZ (and called it TradeMe). By the time ebay got around to setting up in NZ, it was too late, TradeMe had dominated and ebay couldn’t make people switch.

Any other questions about ebay New Zealand?

Write them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

5 thoughts on “Where is ebay NZ?

  1. Errr… that isn’t quite true about Ebay not getting people to switch. I heard from someone who was involved high up in Trade Me at the time that they were were basically bullyed by the board of TradeMe to stay out of NZ. TradeMe wanted and got a monopoly.

  2. Hmmmm. I can remember when eBay WAS in NZ, many moons ago, but then along came Trade me and pushed them out. Ebay is far superior to Trade me, I wish it would come back to NZ

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